§ 93.55  PURPOSE.
   Lack of maintenance of properties, improper storage of trash and rubbish, storage of inoperable/non-registered vehicles, and use/storage of indoor furniture outside are costly problems that contribute to the deterioration of property values and general disorder in a community. These problems degrade the physical appearance of the city, which reduces business and tax revenue inhibiting economic development. The quality of life and community pride of the citizens of Corry are negatively impacted by the occurrences and existence of these activities. Recognizing these are community problems, the purpose of this subchapter is to promote the health, safety and general welfare of the city by helping to create a clean environment for the citizens of Corry. In addition, this will allow for the quality of life ticket to be used as a tool to enforce the following code sections and their amendments: City of Corry Property Maintenance Code, city code §§ 91.01 - 91.04, 91.99, 93.02 and 93.99.
(Ord. 1593, passed 5-6-2019)