Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in general assembly met, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same; that the following described territory now constituting the borough of Corry, be and the same is hereby constituted a city by the name and title of the city of Corry; and by the said name are hereby constituted a body corporate and politic with all the incidents of a corporation; to wit, all that territory embraced within the following boundaries, commencing at the south-west corner of lot fifty-one in the Township of Concord Erie County Pennsylvania thence running north to the south-west corner of fifty-three in Wayne Township  County and state aforesaid; thence east on the track line to Warren County line, thence south on said county line to south-east corner of fractional lot fifty-four in Concord Township, thence west on south line of lots fifty-four, fifty-three, fifty-two and fifty-one to the place of beginning.
That the said city shall be and remain divided for municipal purposes into two wards; one to be called the North, and the other the South Ward which said wards shall be bounded as follows, to wit: all of said corporation North of the Atlantic and great Western Oil Creek and Philadelphia and Erie Rails Roads shall be called the North Ward and all of said City south of said roads shall be called the South Ward which said wards may again subdivided by the select and common council as by them may be deemed for the best interest of said corporation.
The inhabitants of said city entitled to vote for members of the general assembly having resided therein ten days immediately preceding the election shall on the third Friday of March one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six and annually thereafter on the same day which now is or may be thereafter fixed by law for township elections within this state meet at some convenient place in said city, to be designated by the present council of the borough of Corry between the hours of eight in the forenoon and five in the afternoon and elect one citizen who shall be styled a Mayor and one person to be High Constable of said city and six citizens to be as a select council and six persons to be a common council for said city two Justices of the Peace to fill vacancy that is now or may hereafter occur in the office of Justice of the Peace of said City provided that no Justice of the Peace shall be elected under this act until a vacancy shall occur in some one of the offices of Justice of the Peace within the present borough of Corry; one Constable the necessary school directors as is now provided law, for each school district in said city; one Police Justice who shall have the jurisdictions of power to try and determine all actions of fines, penalties or forfeitures imposed by the laws of this state relating to said city or imposed by any of the ordinances by-laws, rules or regulations thereof and to issue executions to one of the Constables or High Constables of said city for the collection of any judgements rendered in the premises to be collected in the same manner as judgments of Justices of the Peace founded on trespafs or trover are now by law collectable, and the Constable to whom such executions may be issued shall be liable thereon in the same manner as if founded on such judgment in trespafs or trover; and the said Police Justice shall also have power and criminal jurisdictions of Justices of the Peace in all cafus of offences whatsoever committed in the city and for the preservation of the peace thereof; and shall be entitled to the same fees as Justices of the Peace of this state for similar services and the Justices of the Peace of said City shall have concurrent jurisdiction in the co elections of fines and penalties the preservation of the peace and in the criminal matters aforesaid; said elections and all subsequent elections in said city shall be governed by the laws of the state regulating township elections and said first election shall be holden by the Judges and Inspectors of Elections last elected in the present Borough of Corry.
The members elect of the select council shall on the day next succeeding their election, divide themselves by lot into three classes; and the term of office of the first class shall expire upon the first and the second upon the second and the third on the third city election next succeeding, at which respective elections the vacancies shall be supplied by the election annually of one third part of said select council in the manner aforesaid.
That the Mayor, Common Council and High Constable shall respectively hold their offices until the city election next succeeding, and shall be thereafter annually elected, and after the first election aforesaid the city election shall be holden on the same day as township elections are or shall be holden by the laws of this state; and the Justices of Peace, Common Constables, Assessors, Inspectors and Judges of Elections and Auditors of said Borough of Corry in office at or immediately before said first elections shall continue in office in said city till the next elections for said several offices and be vested with the same powers and subject to the same duties until others are elected and qualified under this act.
The legislative powers of said city and corporation shall be vested in the select council and common council thereof who shall perform legislative acts in separate bodies, and a majority of the members of each body must be present to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The Mayor whereas present shall be the presiding officer of the select council and in case of an equal division, shall give the casting vote. The common council shall annually choose one of their own number to preside at its deliberations who shall vote as other members; and no act by-law or ordinance shall be valid unless passed by a majority of the members present in each body legally assembled.
The stated meetings of the select and common council shall be holden for the transaction of business every two weeks, and may hold meetings as much often as the Mayor and the respective councils may designate, and at such place in said city as shall be provided by the ordinances thereof; and the doors of respective halls of said select and common councils shall be open for the admission of orderly and peaceful disposed citizens who may choose to attend sessions thereof; and the said council may provide by ordinance for the punishment by fine of any disorderly conduct disturbing either of the perspective sessions and either body may expel such persons from the hall at its sessions.
That each body shall appoint a clerk, who shall make and keep a full record of it s proceedings recording the names of the members present; and all of the ordinances and by-laws rules and regulations of said councils shall signed by the Mayor and clerk of the respective councils and published in one or more of the public newspapers of said city and the publication proved by oath of some creditable witness and recorded in the records of said city; and the said record shall be deemed and taken as sufficient evidence, of the passage and publication of all such ordinances by-laws, rules and regulations.
That the Mayor of said city shall have the same powers and jurisdiction of the Police Justices, elected under this act.
The select and common councils shall have power to compel the owners or occupiers of lots to repair the sidewalks in front of their respective lots or to cause the repairs to made and file their liens as is now provided by the general laws of this state and the said common council and select council may by a general ordinance regulate the portion of the sidewalks which the owners of dwelling houses and others may use for door steps and other purposes in front of their respective premises; and may impose penalties for mutilating or injuring trees growing upon the streets and public grounds of said city; and the council shall be vested with all the powers in said city which at and immediately before the passage of this act belonged to and were vested in the burgefs and council of the Borough of Corry.
That the select and common council shall have power, and they are hereby authorized and empowered to pass from time to time such and so many ordinances as may be thought proper and necessary for the prevention or regulation of the erection or removal from any other place in said city of any wooden dwelling house, shop or warehouse carriage house store stable or other wooden building within the limits of the said city.  Provided, that such ordinances shall not be contrary to the constitution or laws of this state.
That all the estate and property whatever real or personal, or mixed and all chases in action, claims, or demands of the Borough of Corry or of the burgefs and council thereof, are hereby vested in the corporation or body corporate or politics of the City of Corry in the same manner and for the same estate which the corporate authorities of the said borough held or had therein; and all suits now pending may be prosecuted to judgment by and for said city, in the same manner and with the same effect as could have been done by the said burgefs and council if this act had not been enacted; and all judgments suits claims and demands whatsoever against said borough are hereby transferred to and shall continue and may be prosecuted against said city as fully and completely as they could have been against said borough if the said borough charter had not been abolished.
That the mode of enforcing payment of any judgment against said city shall be the same as is now or hereafter may be provided by law for enforcing payment of judgments against the several townships of this state, provided, that any or either party to any judgment may have the same right of appeal to the Court of Common Pleas of Erie County that is now provided by law to appeal from Justices of the Peace.
That the select and common council of said city of Corry shall have power to raise in addition to the amount raised for city proposes may raise not to exceed one and one-half percent on the taxable property real and personal within said city; to appoint as many Policemen as they may deem for the best interest of said city; to raise not to exceed one half of one percent on the real and personal estate of said city for city purposes; to provide for a distribution of a sufficient quantity of good and wholesome water to and through the city and the permanent continuance for the accommodation of the inhabitants thereof; to organize one or more fire companies; to establish a sufficient number of reservoirs to supply water in case of fires; to provide for the lighting of said city with gas or oil in such other way as the said select and common council may determine.
   Jas R Kelley
   Speaker of the House of Representatives
   D Fleming
   Speaker of the Senate
Approved, the eight day of March, anno domini, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six.
   Als Curtin
Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth
Harrisburg, March 8, 1866
   I do hereby certify that the foregoing and annexed is a full true and correct copy of the original act of the general assembly entitled. An act to incorporate the City of Corry as the same remains on file in this office.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the Secretary's office to be offixed, the day and year above written.
   W W. Armstrong
   Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth