(A)   The career and part-time firefighters of the City of Corry, the volunteer fire company of the City of Corry, and the fire equipment of said city, are organized into a department known as the "Corry Fire Department," and the organization, rules, and regulations of said Department shall be as herein provided. Such policies and procedures as may be necessary for the orderly administration of the Corry Fire Department shall be separately provided as standard operating procedures (SOPs) or fire bureau policies, but shall have the same force and effect as if herein promulgated.
   (B)   The organization and rank of the officers of the Corry Fire Department shall consist of the following: Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, Assistant Chiefs, Captain(s), and Lieutenant(s).
   (C)   The position of career Fire Chief and Deputy Chief shall be non-union. The Mayor of the City of Corry, by and with approval of City Council, shall appoint the career Fire Chief from the union ranks. In the event that no qualified employee of the Fire Bureau union has applied for the appointment, the Fire Chief shall be appointed by the Mayor, by and with approval and consent of Council, from outside the union ranks, all pursuant to Third Class City Code, 11 Pa.C.S. § 12101.1, as amended.
   (D)   After appropriate testing and ranking of eligible and qualified promotional candidates by the Corry Police & Fire Civil Service Board, an Interview Committee made up of the Director of Public Safety, Fire Chief, and City Manager shall select according to law from among the top three candidates, or those ranked and not disqualified, a Deputy Chief, a Captain, and up to two Lieutenants, as said officers may be approved by City Council, who shall serve after formal appointment by the Corry City Council. If any one of the three referenced committee members cannot serve, the remaining members shall pick the third member by agreement.
   (E)   Upon strict compliance with Civil Service laws regarding promotions, and upon the recommendation of the Director of Public Safety, by and with the approval of City Council, the career Deputy Chief and Captain (and, additionally, a Lieutenant upon the recommendation of the Fire Chief with the consent of the Director of Public Safety) shall be appointed as otherwise provided by law regarding Civil Service. City Council shall determine such additional compensation to which each such officer is entitled, as it deems appropriate and commensurate with the work required.
   (F)   The organization of the volunteer fire company officers shall include a First Assistant Chief and such other assistant chiefs and other officers as deemed appropriate and meeting the mandated qualifications as approved by the Director of Public Safety.
   (G)   The volunteer organization shall consist of not less than 25 active members, not fewer than half of whom shall have completed a minimum of the three state certified classes, interior firefighter, hazmat operations, and vehicle extrication.
   (H)   A line officer of the Corry Fire Department is prohibited from serving as a line officer in any other fire department, career or volunteer.
(Ord. 1591, passed 3-18-2019)