(A)   The following rules and regulations are hereby adopted and issued to the Corry Fire Department of the City of Corry and govern the organization, officers, all firefighters and all members, their respective duties and conduct, the execution and enforcement of the same, and miscellaneous provisions for promoting the general welfare of said organization and protecting the City of Corry and the residents and property in our community.
   (B)   (1)   The Director of Public Safety, by virtue of the authority vested in that office by law and by Council, hereby adopts and issues to the Fire Department the following rules and regulations for its governance, reserving the right to make such changes in said rules and regulations at such times as the good of the Department and its service may require.
      (2)   The efficiency with which the execution and enforcement of these rules is carried out will be judged primarily by the protection of the lives and property of citizens from fire.
      (3)   Rules cannot be made covering every possible contingency that may arise. It is therefore the duty of every member of the Corry Fire Department to carefully study the instructions of his or her superiors. Subordinates must largely depend upon their superiors in rank for instructions and guidance. The Director of Public Safety hereby enjoins upon those superiors the instruction of men under them.
      (4)   Firefighters who have the good of the Department at heart will not only comply with the letter of the rules but will, by zeal, activity, and careful thinking, aid in promoting the efficiency of the Department and the protection of our city and fellow citizens and the other areas in which we may serve.
      (5)   All personal pronouns used in this subchapter shall include all genders, whether used in the masculine or feminine or neuter gender, and the singular shall include the plural and the plural shall include the singular whenever and as often as may be appropriate.
      (6)   The term FIRE as used in this subchapter may be construed to include in its meaning such other incidents as may fall within the normal responsibility of a fire/emergency response agency.
(Ord. 1591 , passed 3-18-2019)