§ 156.114  FENCES AND WALLS.
   (A)   In residential districts, an open or solid fence or wall shall not exceed seven feet in height, and shall not extend closer to the street line than the front building line, unless the building line is over 30 feet from the street line, in which case the fence or wall may be constructed no closer to the street line than 30 feet.
   (B)   An ornamental fence may be erected in the area between the building line and street line to a height not exceeding six feet, providing that 30% of more of the fence is open and not solid.
   (C)   No fence, wall or other structure of any type or height in any district shall be installed closer to the street line or edge of sidewalk than 18 inches, except in districts having no front setback requirement.
   (D)   All fences shall be neat and properly maintained on both sides.
(Ord. 1347, passed 3-18-1991)  Penalty, see § 156.999