All facilities which are otherwise permitted by this chapter, and which provide for the storage and sale of vehicle fuel and lubricating oil, and/or which provide for the repair of vehicle, shall be in conformance with the following.
   (A)   No portion of such facility or its equipment shall be located less than 40 feet from a residential district, as established by this chapter, unless separated from such district by a street or alley.
   (B)   No equipment for the service of gasoline or oil shall be placed closer to any street line, sidewalk or public way than ten feet.
   (C)   No vehicle parts or equipment shall be stored outside a building.
   (D)   No repair facilities shall be maintained on the front portion of the lot or in the front portion of the first story of the building within 20 feet of the street, or in any portion of the lot or building within 100 feet of the premises of any school, hospital, church or public library.
(Ord. 1347, passed 3-18-1991)  Penalty, see § 156.999