(A)   The conditions of agreement with respect to delegation and assignment by the city to the county of responsibility for providing emergency communications dispatch services are as follows.
      (1)   It is the intention of the city that responsibility for provision of such duties shall be delegated and assigned to the county permanently.
      (2)   Responsibility for provision of emergency communications service shall be delegated as the county becomes fully capable of providing such services. The county first shall assume responsibility for provision of fire dispatch services. Once the county has established a proper database, including, but not limited to, background information, prior criminal records and the like, responsibility for police and other emergency dispatch services shall be transferred to the county.
      (3)   The county shall retain all funds paid by owners and users of land line and cellular telephones pertaining to assistance to 911 and emergency services. These funds shall be used to finance the agreement.
      (4)   The duration of the term of the agreement is intended to be permanent. The agreement(s) may not be terminated or modified absent the written agreement of the city.
      (5)   The city is not obligated to establish any structural organization to implement the agreement. The county shall be responsible for establishing such structural organization as it is required.
      (6)   The county will determine and acquire such real and personal property to be managed, licensed or disposed of in performance of the agreement(s). The city reserves the right to communicate suggestions and/or concerns deemed by City Council to be necessary or appropriate to ensure or improve efficient and high quality dispatch services.
   (B)   City Council shall also have authority to enter into inter-governmental cooperation agreements with the county for provision by the county of emergency communications services as to facilities or alarms of the city or its authorities which would transfer such functions to the county. Such agreement(s) would provide that the city would reroute existing alarms to the county’s dispatch center and change such telephone numbers as are necessary to accomplish the objective.
   (C)   City Council shall also have authority to enter into inter-governmental agreements with the county for repair of radios and/or other communications devices of the city on such terms as are mutually agreed.
   (D)   The 911 dispatch services agreement, and any addendum thereto, between the county and the city, and to be approved by City Council on the date of enactment of the ordinance, are approved.
   (E)   City Council and the appropriate city officials are authorized to negotiate and approve additional agreements and/or to amend existing agreements pertaining to provisions of emergency, fire, police and other communications services and/or to authorize purchase or joint purchase of equipment and software consistent with this section as are deemed necessary to ensure provision of efficient and quality emergency communications services and the proper delegation of such functions to the county.
(Ord. 1497, passed 5-4-2009)