(A)   A home professional office shall be a professional office, as defined in this chapter, which is located in a residential dwelling and which is secondary to the use of the structure as a dwelling.
   (B)   Such use shall be permitted, only when approved as a special exception and shall be so approved only subject to the following conditions, plus any other conditions that may be added by the Board at the time of approval.
      (1)   No more than one professional person, plus one receptionist, plus two licensed nurses or technicians may perform professional services on the site at any one time.
      (2)   The structure shall be used as the principal residence of the professional person, who must be a sole proprietor, and no partnership or corporation business shall be conducted on the premises.
      (3)   No evidence of the business activity shall be visible from the street or adjacent properties and no signs shall be allowed except as permitted by ordinance. There shall be no variation from the residential character of the principal or accessory structures.
      (4)   The business services performed on the premises shall be confined to those of the profession, with no sale of products, except for medicinal or professionally prescribed products.
      (5)   The portion of any floor of the principal structure devoted to the professional use shall not exceed 40% of the usable floor area, and no portion of such business shall be conducted in an accessory building, except for storage.
      (6)   Off-street parking for home professional offices shall be adequate to serve all clients visiting the premises, and shall in no case be less than one parking space for each 100 square feet of office space, plus one space for each vehicle owned by, or customarily operated by, the members of the household. In addition, a parking space shall be provided for each nurse, technician or professional practitioner who is not a member of the household. Parking spaces must be accessible and in accordance with § 156.077(A).
(Ord. 1347, passed 3-18-1991)  Penalty, see § 156.999