(A)   A home occupation, when approved as a special exception use, shall be clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling unit for residential purposes. Home occupations may include, but are not limited to, art or craft studios, dressmaking, music teaching, minor repairs and similar activities. However, a home occupation shall not be interpreted to include commercial stables, kennels, restaurants, beauty shops, barber shops, auto repair services or other activities which by their nature will produce heavy traffic concentrations, parking problems and/or noise which is objectionable.
   (B)   The following additional conditions shall be mandatory, plus any other conditions which the Board may impose at the time of approval.
      (1)   The occupation may be customarily carried on in a dwelling unit, without the addition of special remodeling being necessary, and shall be an activity of a type which does not require the permanent installation of special equipment.
      (2)   The occupation is carried on by a member or members of the immediate family residing in the dwelling unit, with no employees outside the family.
      (3)   The occupation is carried on wholly within the principal structure or accessory structure, with no evidence of the activity being visible from the street or from the adjacent properties.
      (4)   There shall be no exterior display, exterior sign other than permitted by ordinances of the city, no exterior storage of materials and no variation from the residential character of the principal or accessory structures.
      (5)   No offensive odor, vibration, noises, smoke, dust, heat or glare shall be produced.
      (6)   There shall be no commodity sold on the premises, except that commodities which are incidental to a craft or art course may be sold during classes, but not otherwise, and shall be sold only in such quantity as shall be established by the special exception use granted.
      (7)   The area devoted to the home occupation shall occupy no more than 20% of any above ground floor of the principal structure, nor shall it occupy more than 50% of a basement area, or 50% of a residential garage or other accessory building.
      (8)   Off-street parking for any home occupation shall meet the following minimum requirements. One parking space for each 100 square feet of space devoted to the home occupation, plus one space for each vehicle owned by, or customarily operated by, the members of the household. Any home occupation requiring more than six additional off-street spaces, in accordance with this section, shall not be permitted. Parking spaces must be accessible, and in accordance with § 156.077(A).
      (9)   No off-street loading facilities shall be installed, and no truck loading or unloading relating to the home occupation shall be permitted. Trucks, for the purposes of this section, shall include any open or closed bed vehicle used for hauling, including vans and pickup trucks.
(Ord. 1347, passed 3-18-1991)  Penalty, see § 156.999