Any public or private facility such as swimming pools, swimming clubs, reservoirs or sewage lagoons shall comply with the following regulations.
   (A)   The facility must meet the yard requirements for the applicable district.
   (B)   Before a permit shall be issued to the operator or owner of a public or commercial facility, a plan shall be approved by the Board as to size of facility, proposed use, parking arrangement and the use of buildings on site, surrounding properties and their usage and any other pertinent information, such as fences.
   (C)   All private swimming pools shall be fenced for the protection of small children. The fence shall be four feet minimum in height. Pools which have a rim four feet or higher above adjacent ground and non-climbable sides shall be construed to be fenced. A gate shall be provided in the fence, or at the steps or ladder of a pool not requiring fencing (or the steps or ladder shall be readily removable). The gate shall have a lock or catch sufficient to prevent opening by small children. This shall not apply to portable pools with a one-foot maximum water depth which are 12 feet or less in maximum dimension.
(Ord. 1347, passed 3-18-1991)  Penalty, see § 156.999