(A)   Permanent parts of all structures, whether attached to the principal structure or not, and whether open or enclosed, including porches, carports, antennae, balconies, decks or platforms above normal grade level shall not project into any minimum front, side or rear yard. Antennae, towers and similar electronic equipment projecting more than six inches above ground level shall not be constructed within such minimum front, side or rear yard areas. In no case shall such antennae, towers or similar electronic equipment be located closer to the street than the front building line.
   (B)   A wall under four feet in height, or higher if a retaining wall, and paved terraces, drives, walks, or other areas without walls, roofs or other enclosure, may be erected within the limits of any yard.
   (C)   Non-residential buildings hereafter constructed or uses hereafter established shall not be located or conducted closer to any lot line in any of the residential districts, unless separated by a street, railroad or alley, than the distances specified in the following schedule:
Minimum Side or Rear Yard
Off-street parking spaces and access drives for non-residential uses
10 feet
All other non-residential uses or structures
20 feet
   (D)   All commercial building frontage shall either face Columbus Avenue or away from secondary streets.
(Ord. 1347, passed 3-18-1991)