(A)   General regulations.
Required Parking Spaces
Automobile sales and services garages
1 for each 400 sq. ft. of floor area
Automobile washing facility
1 for each employee (see division (F) below)
Banks or professional offices
1 for each 200 sq. ft. of floor area, plus 1 for each employee (see division (F) below)
Bowling alleys
7 for each alley
Churches and schools, and similar institutions
1 for each 4 seats in an auditorium or 1 for each 17 classroom seats, whichever is greater. Seating capacity of benches and continuous seats shall be construed to be 20” per seat space
Community buildings, social halls and similar institutions
1 for each 400 sq. ft. of floor area
Drive-in facilities
1 for each employee, plus 1 for each 100 sq. ft. of floor area (see division (F) below)
1 for each family or dwelling unit including space in garage
Food supermarkets
1 for each 200 sq. ft. of floor area
Funeral homes and mortuaries
10 for first parlor, 5 for each additional parlor
Home occupations
(see § 156.102)
Home professional offices
(see § 156.103)
Hospitals, nursing or convalescing homes
1 for each 3 beds, plus 1 for each employee
Hotels and motels
1 for each living or sleeping unit, plus 1 for each employee
Manufacturing plants, research or testing laboratories
1 for each 500 sq. ft. of floor area
Restaurants, take out only
1 for each 100 sq. ft. of floor area (see division (F) below)
Restaurants, taverns and night clubs (w/seating)
1 for each 4 seats
Retail stores and shops
1 for each 200 sq. ft. of floor area (see division (F) below)
Rooming houses
1 for each separately leased area, plus one for each employee
Service stations
4 for each service bay, but no less than 1 per employee (see division (F) below)
Sports arenas, auditoriums, theaters and assembly halls
1 for each 4 seats
Trailer or monument sales
1 for each 2,500 sq. ft. of lot area
Wholesale establishments or warehouses
1 for each employee on maximum shift. Total parking area shall not be less than 25% of the building floor area
   (B)   Location of parking areas. Required parking spaces shall be located on the same lot with the principal use. The Board may permit parking spaces to be located not more than 300 feet distance from the lot of the principal use if located in the same zoning district as the principal use, and the Board finds that is impractical to provide parking on the same lot with principal use. For uses within C-1 zoned parts of the city, on-street and municipal parking shall be considered as meeting the parking requirements, except for drive-in facilities.
   (C)   Screening and landscaping. Off-street parking areas for more than five vehicles, and off-street loading areas, shall be effectively screened on each side which adjoins or faces any residential district, except where there is a separation by public alley, street or railroad.
   (D)   Surfacing. All commercial and industrial parking areas for more than two automobiles shall have a paved or treated surface (see Appendix “A”) graded and drained to dispose of all surface water, and designed to provide for orderly and safe loading, parking and dust control, and shall be approved by the city.
   (E)   Lighting. Any lighting used to illuminate off-street parking or loading areas shall be arranged so as to reflect the light away from adjoining premises of any residential district.
   (F)   Drive-in facilities. Any establishment which has drive-in facilities, as defined in this chapter, shall, in addition to the spaces required by § 156.077(B), provide lane spaces between the service structure and the public right-of-way as designated below. A lane space shall be one vehicle in width and 22 feet long. The vehicle position at the pump island, service window, wash bay, service booth or other service structure, may be counted as one lane space.
      (1)   Drive-in theaters. Eight lane spaces per each ticket window.
      (2)   Service stations. Three lane spaces per each side of a pump island.
      (3)   Banks. Seven lane spaces per service window.
      (4)   Car wash facilities. Eight lane spaces per wash bay.
      (5)   Other facilities. Four lane spaces per service window or other service structure.
   (G)   Modifications. The requirements for off-street parking for dwellings may be modified for elderly apartment complexes, if approved by resolution of City Council, but shall be no less than one parking space for each five apartments.
(Ord. 1347, passed 3-18-1991)