Off-street parking shall be provided in accordance with the following specifications in all districts whenever any new use is established or an existing use is enlarged.
   (A)   Size and access. Each off-street parking space shall have an area of not less than 180 square feet, exclusive of access drives or aisles, and be in usable shape and condition. Except in the case of dwellings, no parking area shall contain less than two spaces. Parking areas which have space for three or more vehicles, shall be designed and constructed to provide sufficient turn-around area to allow vehicles to exit via designated driveways. All driveways between the street and a point ten feet outside the street right-of-way shall be constructed at an angle with the street of not less than 60 degrees. Barriers shall be placed so vehicles are not permitted to cross any sidewalk or exit on to any street or alley except at a designated driveway. The maximum driveway width shall not exceed 20 feet and the minimum distance between driveways serving the same parking lot shall not be less than 30 feet. Where a lot does not abut on a public street or alley or easement of access, there shall be provided an access drive leading to the parking, loading or storage areas.
   (B)   Number of parking spaces required. The number of off-street parking spaces required is set forth below. Where the use of the premises is not specifically mentioned, requirements for similar uses shall apply.
(Ord. 1347, passed 3-18-1991)