(A)   Permitted uses.
      (1)   Wholesale, storage (retail sales shall not exceed 25% of gross sales);
      (2)   Building materials/lumber yards;
      (3)   Distributing plant, parcel delivery service and motor trucking center;
      (4)   Bottling plant;
      (5)   Public garage, auto and mobile equipment repair;
      (6)   Contractor, equipment storage in opaque enclosure equipment, exempt from enclosed storage, shall include the following: operable vehicles; mobile motorized equipment; trailers and trailer mounted equipment;
      (7)   Light manufacturing (as defined in this chapter) including production of the following goods: home appliances; electrical instruments; office machines; precision instruments; electronic devices; timepieces; jewelry; optical goods; musical instruments; novelties; wood products; printed material; lithographic plates; type composition; machine tools, dyes, and gauges; ceramics; apparel; lightweight nonferrous metal castings; sheet metal products; plastic goods; pharmaceutical goods and food products, but not including animal slaughtering curing nor rendering of fats;
      (8)   Research center;
      (9)   Storage of coal and other bulk products;
      (10)   Bakery goods, candy manufacture without a retail outlet;
      (11)   Laundry, cleaning and dyeing plants; and
      (12)   Essential services and structures.
   (B)   Special exceptions.
      (1)   Agriculture (see § 156.097); and
      (2)   Outside recreational uses.
   (C)   Conditional uses.
      (1)   Mobile home parks;
      (2)   Planned commercial projects;
      (3)   Gasoline service stations;
      (4)   Mineral excavation (see § 156.104);
      (5)   Permitted uses in Districts C-1 and C-2;
      (6)   Expansion for existing commercial uses; and
      (7)   Non-conforming re-use, in accordance with § 156.036.
(Ord. 1347, passed 3-18-1991)