(A)   The PennDOT fee schedule will be assessed on highway occupancy permits issued for installations/construction within state routes that are also city street rights-of-ways. This fee schedule is available by contacting PennDOT.
   (B)   In addition to this schedule are permits necessary for installation of private driveway for egress to a city right-of-way and other excavations in city rows.
      (1)   A driveway permit application fee is limited to $25.
      (2)   The city will provide installation of up to 40 feet of pre-purchased driveway pipe with aggregate overlay for a driveway entering a city roadway upon receipt of $400/driveway and signed waiver. Addition driveway widths will be installed upon receipt of an additional $10 per linear foot. The city will neither excavate nor install concrete or asphalt surfacing. Bonding security for open excavation is required in the following amounts:
         (a)   Other excavations in right-of-way: $25;
         (b)   Curb cutting: $50;
         (c)   Sidewalk construction: $25.
(Res. 18-06, passed 3-5-2018; Res. 20-24, passed 11-2-2020)