§ 154.159  PARK STANDARDS.
   (A)   All mobile home parks shall have an area of not less than five acres.
   (B)   All streets shall be generally constructed in accordance with this subchapter, except for widths of pavement and curbing requirements
   (C)   Mobile home parks shall be fully improved and shall include the following minimum requirements:
      (1)   Paved streets:
         (a)   One-way: 12 feet minimum width; and
         (b)   Two-way: 18 feet minimum width.
      (2)   Two off-street parking spaces for each mobile home lot;
      (3)   Adequate drainage;
      (4)   Sewage disposal and water supply meeting the requirements of the regulations for subdivisions;
      (5)   All drives and walks shall be adequately lighted at night. The Director of Safety may require additional lighting at any time he or she may deem such as necessary;
      (6)   A permanent lot number for each lot, visible from the street, and approved by the municipality and the local postmaster;
      (7)   All two-way streets shall have an exit on both ends or an approved cul-de-sac. All one-way streets shall have an entrance and exit;
      (8)   No dwelling, other than mobile homes, or prefabricated dwellings less than 15 feet in one demension, will be permitted within the park;
      (9)   Wheels may be removed from mobile homes and foundations may be constructed under such trailers; any structural additions extending beyond the limits of the trailer shall not exceed the size of the original tailer in floor space;
      (10)   The owners of all parks shall submit a monthly report to the city on forms provided by the office of the City Administrator. The monthly report shall provide information on the number of trailers in the park, which lots they go on, who owns each trailer, who lives in each trailer and the size of each trailer (in the best opinion of the park owner);
      (11)   Trailer sales will not be permitted in the park (sale of new trailers or used trailers not set) unless permitted under the current zoning ordinance; and
      (12)   All areas within the park and less than 100 feet from the park streets shall be improved with lawns and/or approved paintings.
   (D)   Recreation facilities shall be provided and shall be equal to 10% of the gross area of the park. Location, design, and availability to all lots shall be carefully considered and shall be subject to the approval of the Commission.
   (E)   All mobile homes must be skirted to hide utility lines and leveling devices. Skirting materials must be masonry, fiberglass, aluminum or other durable material that is manufactured for this purpose.
   (F)   Mobile home parks shall be designed to comply with the following criteria:
Minimum lot frontage
50 feet
Maximum density per gross park acre
Minimum distance from adjacent mobile homes
30 feet
Minimum distance to streets
25 feet
Minimum distance to park boundaries
35 feet
Maximum height of mobile homes
20 feet
   (G)   The Commission may require a ten-foot wide buffer or planting strip along the sides or rear of mobile home parks where such a requirement is considered necessary for proper planning and protection.
(Ord. 1286, passed 6-7-1982)  Penalty, see § 154.999