(A)   All plans shall be legibly drawn on an acceptable drafting media and four prints shall be submitted for approval.
   (B)   Plans shall be prepared by a registered professional engineer licensed in the state.
   (C)   The plan shall show or be accompanied by the following:
      (1)   Description of covenants, if any;
      (2)   Title to include:
         (a)   Location by municipality, county and state;
         (b)   Names and addresses of the owner or owners;
         (c)   Name and seal of registered professional surveyor who surveyed the property and the registered engineer who prepared the plan; and
         (d)   North arrow, date and graphic scale.
      (3)   Tract boundaries with bearings, distances and area in acres to the nearest hundredths;
      (4)   Existing easements, their location, width and distance;
      (5)   Contours of vertical intervals of two feet;
      (6)   Datum to which contour elevations refer;
      (7)   Bench marks;
      (8)   Number to identify each lot or site;
      (9)   Existing physical features to include:
         (a)   Watercourses, culverts, bridges and drains;
         (b)   Buildings, sewers, water mains and fire hydrants;
         (c)   Street and alleys on or adjacent to the tract, including name;
         (d)   Subsurface condition of the tract; and
         (e)   Names and addresses of abutting property owners.
      (10)   Lot lines and dimensions;
      (11)   Building lines;
      (12)   Reservations of grounds for public use and/or recreation;
      (13)   All proposed rights-of-way and easements;
      (14)   Location, name and width of all proposed streets and alleys and paved cartway widths, plus all sidewalks and crosswalks;
      (15)   Profiles showing existing ground and proposed centerline street grades, and typical cross sections of roadways and sidewalks;
      (16)   General drainage plan for storm water;
      (17)   A plan of the proposed sanitary sewerage system or a plan, where required, showing the proposed location of on-lot sewage disposal facilities. The plan shall  include location of manholes, invert elevations grades and sizes of sanitary sewers; and
      (18)   A plan of the proposed water distribution system. The size of all water pipes and the location of valves and fire hydrants shall be shown.
(Ord. 1286, passed 6-7-1982)