(A)   The plan and all information and procedures relating thereto shall in all respects be in compliance with the applicable provisions of these regulations when submitted to the Commission. It is the responsibility of the developer to coordinate his or her plans pursuant to the provisions of these regulations with all private and public service agencies and utility companies.
   (B)   In order for plans to be considered for approval, the plans and all required information must be filed with the Commission.
   (C)   In addition to filing an application for approval of a plan with the Commission, the plan shall also be concurrently submitted to the County Planning Department.
   (D)   Information to be filed with plans shall generally include those items listed under plan requirements, and shall be prepared in accordance with, and submitted with the number of copies, as specified therein.
   (E)   After receipt of all required data, the Commission will discuss the plan and submit it to the County Department of Health if on-site sewage disposal and/or on-site individual water supply are planned. A report will be obtained from the Health Department on the suitability of the land for a mobile home park in relation to public health standards. In cases where the park fronts on an existing or proposed state highway or has proposed streets entering on such highways, the Commission may submit the plans to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for review.
   (F)   The Commission will then review the plan to determine if it meets the standards as set forth in these regulations, and may discuss the plan with appropriate officials of the County Planning Department. Approval by the Commission only shall be required to constitute approval of the plan, but such approval will be granted only after consideration of review comments by the County Planning Department.
   (G)   Any modification of the plan required by the Commission as prerequisites to approval shall be noted on three copies of the preliminary plan. One copy will be returned to the developer, one will be retained by the Commission and the third will be filed with the County Planning Department.
   (H)   Approval of the plan shall constitute approval of the mobile home park as to the character and intensity of development, and the arrangement and approximate dimensions of streets, lots, and other planned features.
   (I)   The developer must provide sewerage and water plans for the entire plan regardless of the number of lots to be initially developed, and such plans must be approved by the County Health Department.
(Ord. 1286, passed 6-7-1982)