§ 154.136  SIDEWALKS.
   (A)   Sidewalks, where required, shall be constructed along the edge of the street right-of-way and shall be properly graded to drain, and shall be normally required on both sides of the street except that authorization may be given for sidewalks on one side only where the character of use does not require pedestrian access on both sides of the street.
   (B)   The minimum width for sidewalks shall be five feet, but the city may require a greater width in the vicinity of shopping centers, schools and recreation facilities, or where other intensive urban uses exist.
   (C)   Sidewalks shall line up with adequate walks in adjoining subdivisions.
   (D)   All walks shall consist of portland cement concrete with a minimum compression strength of 3,500 pounds after 28 days.
   (E)   Cement and concrete shall conform to the current edition of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Specifications, Form 408, for portland cement concrete walks.
   (F)   Both fine and course aggregates used shall conform to A.S.T.M. Specifications C-33.  All aggregates as approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for their intended use will be accepted. A report from a reputable testing laboratory, made at the contractor’s cost, will be required for other aggregates.
   (G)   Subbase and fill material may be gravel or crushed stone and may be local materials.
   (H)   Expansion joints shall be made of one-half inch non-extruding type of joint material conforming to A.S.T.M. Specification D-544 and shall extend to the full width and depth of the concrete.
   (I)   Forms shall be of straight material, so placed as to conform to the proper grade and shall be of suitable lumber or of steel suitable for form use.
   (J)   All castings, water and gas stops, and the like shall be adjusted by the contractor to set even with the surface of the finished walk.
   (K)   Forms shall be set so as to allow for a square vertical edge and a thickness of a full four inches in walking areas and a minimum six-inch walk in driveway areas and also to allow for a slope of the walk towards the street which shall under normal conditions be one-fourth of an inch per foot.  Walks in driveways shall be reinforced with steel mesh (6 x 6-10/10 minimum).
   (L)   The contractor shall adjust the grade at street corners so as to conform as nearly as possible to the curb grades on each street.
   (M)   Expansion joints shall be placed at all points where the proposed walk meets existing walks, curbs, driveways, catch basins, utility castings, and the like, as well as at any point where the walk changes in direction 30 degrees or more.  In no case shall the distance between expansion joints be greater than 30 lineal feet.
(Ord. 1286, passed 6-7-1982)  Penalty, see § 154.999