§ 154.132  WATER SUPPLY.
   (A)   The developer shall construct, or engage the Water Department to construct, a system of water mains and connect with the water supply systems.  Water lines shall be so located and of such size as approved by the city or city municipal authority and subject to the provisions of the water rate and regulation ordinance.
   (B)   All public water systems shall be laid wherever possible in the planting strip or street shoulder on the south and east sides of the street and constructed in accordance with the standards of the current city ordinances and regulations governing water main installation, and the requirements of the State Department of Environmental Resources and County Health Department.
   (C)   All phases of construction, including lines, excavation, trench, type of pipe, backfill, hydrants, tees and valves shall be in accordance with approved construction drawings if constructed by the developer, and shall meet State Department of Environmental Resources Standards and be inspected by the city, its engineer, or its authorized representative, during the construction period.
   (D)   Street mains shall be no less than six inches diameter, and shall have valves located at all street intersections, except that mains four inches or less in size may be approved by the city subject to provisions of water rate and regulation ordinance for cul-de-sacs and other dead end or otherwise non-extendable areas.
   (E)   Where water mains are extended through or along adjacent property in other ownership, the costs of construction may be proportionately shared by abutting properties upon connecting to the water lines, provided that all such agreements are in accordance with current city ordinances and regulations, and are approved in writing by the city.
   (F)   Fire hydrants shall be provided where required and shall be located no more than 1,200 feet apart; and within 600 feet but no closer than 35 feet, from any structure unless otherwise approved by the city. Where the system is not adequate to supply fire service, the mains shall be sized, and tees with valves shall be provided, in such manner that fire hydrants can be added in the future in accordance with the above requirements, when improved service becomes available.
(Ord. 1286, passed 6-7-1982)  Penalty, see § 154.999