§ 154.116  IMPROVEMENTS.
   Utility and street improvements shall be provided in each new subdivision as follows, except that improvements are not required in existing public streets which may be incorporated into, or be adjacent to, the subdivision:
   (A)   Survey monumentation;
   (B)   Water supply;
   (C)   Sewage disposal;
   (D)   Storm sewers;
   (E)   Street, including required grading, subgrade, base and paving;
   (F)   Subdrains where necessary;
   (G)   Curbing of streets;
   (H)   Sidewalks, except single-family lot frontages which are 80 feet or more in width at building line;
   (I)   Required utilities, street name signs and required grading; and
   (J)   Erosion control.
(Ord. 1286, passed 6-7-1982)