§ 154.101  PUBLIC AREAS.
   (A)   The developer shall consider reserved areas for public use where required, or where topography may preclude use for proper development. Reserve areas, however, which shall make any area unprofitable for regular or special assessments or which may revert to untended nuisance areas will not be approved.
   (B)   The Commission may require that areas for parks and playgrounds (of a size not to exceed 10% of the land area to be subdivided) be dedicated to the city for recreation purposes. The city, however, shall retain the right to accept or decline such dedication.  The proposal to dedicate recreation areas in any proposed subdivision shall be compared with similar existing dedications in adjoining tracts or subdivisions in order to provide usable recreation areas where required without imposing hardships on the developer.
(Ord. 1286, passed 6-7-1982)