§ 154.082  FINAL PLAN.
   (A)   A final plan is required for all subdivisions.  For major subdivisions, the original and three prints shall be submitted.  For minor subdivisions, the original and one print will be required.
   (B)   The final plan original for major subdivisions shall be drawn on tracing cloth or stable plastic film, and shall be in India ink. Photographic reproductions in black or dark brown will be accepted in lieu of ink.  For minor subdivisions, high quality pencil drafting on vellum, stable plastic film, or other drafting media will be accepted.
   (C)   (1)   Sheet size for recording final plans shall be 18 x 24 inches in size.  Twenty-four by thirty-six inch plats will be accepted for approval purposes; however, a reduction in size to 18 x 24 inches will be necessary for recording purposes.
      (2)   Minor subdivisions of one lot may be drawn on plats of 8-1/2 x 11 inches.
   (D)   If the final plan is drawn in two or more sections, it shall be accompanied by a key map showing the location of the several sections.
   (E)   The final plan shall be drawn at a scale of no less than 100 feet to the inch.  Other acceptable scales shall include 20, 30, 40 and 50 feet to the inch.
   (F)   The following information, in addition to all items required for preliminary plans shall be included on final plans where applicable:
      (1)   Block and lot numbers (in consecutive order);
      (2)   Lot lines and tract boundaries with accurate bearings and distances. Distances to be to the nearest hundredth of a foot. Survey closure shall be 1:10,000 or less;
      (3)   Exact acreage of entire subdivision and each individual lot. Acreage to be to the nearest hundredth acre;
      (4)   Setback lines not less than the minimum, or established by these regulations, or by public authority, or those specified on the deed restrictions, whichever is greater;
      (5)   Accurate bearings and distances to the nearest established street corners or official monuments.  Reference corners shall be accurately described on the plan;
      (6)   Accurate locations of all existing and recorded streets intersecting the boundaries of the tract;
      (7)   Complete curve data for all curves included in the plan, including radius, delta angle, tangent and arc lengths;
      (8)   Street centerlines with accurate dimensions in feet and hundredths of feet, with bearings of such street centerlines;
      (9)   Street names;
      (10)   Location and material of all permanent existing and proposed monuments and lot markers;
      (11)   Easements for utilities and any limitations on such easements;
      (12)   Accurate dimensions of existing public land and of any property to be dedicated or reserved for public, semi-public or community use; and all areas to which title is reserved by owner; and
      (13)   Any other pertinent information required by these regulations or by the Commission.
   (G)   The following certificates, where applicable, shall be shown on the final plan:
      (1)   Certification, with seal, by a registered professional engineer or registered land surveyor to the effect that the survey and plan are correct.  All property surveys must be performed by a registered surveyor.  All paving, grading, sewers and other related engineering design shall be performed under the direction of a registered professional engineer;
      (2)   Certificate for review by the County Metropolitan Planning Department;
      (3)   A statement duly acknowledged before an officer to take acknowledgement of deeds and signed by the owner or owners of the property, to the effect that the subdivision shown on the final plan is the act and deed of the owner, that he or she is the owner of the property shown on the survey and plan, and that he or she desires the same to be subdivided and recorded as shown;
      (4)   Certificates for approval by the Planning Commission;
      (5)   Certificate for approval by the City Council and the City Engineer (major subdivision only); and
      (6)   A certificate to provide for the recording of the subdivision plan.
   (H)   The following information, in addition to that shown on the final plan shall be submitted to the Commission for final plan review, when applicable:
      (1)   Application for review or approval (one copy), if required by the Commission;
      (2)   County Health Department subdivision on-lot sewage disposal report, if on-lot sewage disposal system is used;
      (3)   Draft of any proposed covenants to run with land (two copies);
      (4)   Tentative timetable for the proposed sequence of development for the subdivision (two copies);
      (5)   Assurances of completion, where required;
      (6)   Certificate of dedication of streets and other public property (two copies) - this is the offer of dedication;
      (7)   Where lot sizes are based on public water and/or public sewer facilities assurance acceptable to the Commission that such facilities will be installed (two copies);
      (8)   Such certificates of approval by proper authorities of the county and/or state, as may have been required by the Commission including certificates approving the water supply system and sanitary sewer system of the subdivision (two copies);
      (9)   Specifications and drawings for all streets, sewers and other improvements;
      (10)   Restrictions of all types which will run with the land and become covenants in the deeds of lots shown on the drawing (two copies); and
      (11)   All covenants running with the land governing the reservation and maintenance of dedicated or undedicated land or open space, which shall bear the certificate of approval of the City Solicitor as to their legal sufficiency (two copies).
(Ord. 1286, passed 6-7-1982)