(A)   It is the policy of the city that these regulations shall state minimum standards for development in the city.  Whenever the city in its zoning, building codes, sign ordinances, road ordinances, or other ordinances, resolutions, or regulations require standards that exceed these minimum standards, other city standards shall apply. Also, whenever the County Health Department or state or federal law shall require lot sizes larger than those required herein, their regulations shall prevail.  Should the standards of these subdivision regulations exceed those of the city zoning ordinance, the standards of these regulations shall apply.
   (B)   The following requirements and guiding principles for land subdivision shall be observed by all developers, and the Commission shall consider the suitability as to location of any proposed subdivision with respect to the following:
      (1)   (a)   Land subject to severe flooding (identified by current flood zone maps of the Department of Housing and Urban Development) and land if deemed for specific reasons as may have developed in the planning process by the Commission to be uninhabitable for other reasons shall not be platted for residential occupancy nor for other such uses as may increase danger to health, life, or property or aggravate the flood hazard but such land within a plan shall be set aside for such uses as will not be endangered by periodic or occasional inundation.
         (b)   Any development in areas considered by the Commission as habitable yet subject to periodic or occasional innundation shall comply with the regulations and standards as established under § 154.103 and any other federal, state, or local regulations concerning such development of flood plains.
      (2)   The subdivision plan shall conform to such municipal maps or plans or such parts thereof as shall have been prepared by the Commission of city agencies and approved by the city.
      (3)   No subdivision showing reserve strips controlling the access to public ways will be approved, except where the control and disposal of the land comprising such strips are definitely placed within the jurisdiction of the municipality.
      (4)   Lot lines shall, where possible, follow municipal and county boundary lines rather than cross them.
      (5)   The availability of drinking water and sewage disposal shall be a prime consideration for the size and configuration of development.
(Ord. 1286, passed 6-7-1982)