(A)   After the developer has received official notification that the preliminary plan has been approved and what changes, if any, must be made if the plan is to proceed to consideration as a final plan, he or she has one year in which to submit a final plan.  If he or she does not do so within a one-year period, the approval of the preliminary plan shall become null and void unless an extension of time is requested by the developer in writing and is granted in writing by the Commission before the expiration date.
   (B)   When an extension of time is granted for the submission of a final plan, the Commission shall do one of two things when the final plan is submitted: 
      (1)   Make a finding that the conditions on which its approval of the preliminary plan was based have not changed substantially; or
      (2)   Require changes in the plan, prior to final approval, that will reflect any substantial changes on the site of the subdivision or in its surroundings, that have taken place since the grant of preliminary approval.
   (C)   It is not necessary for the whole plan that received preliminary approval to be submitted as a final plan.  The final plan may be submitted in sections, each covering a portion of the entire proposed subdivision shown on the preliminary plan.  Except for the initial preliminary plan stage, the one-year time limit does not apply.
   (D)   The developer must provide sewerage and water plans for the entire preliminary plan regardless of the number of lots to be initially developed.
   (E)   If completion of improvements is required prior to receiving final approval of the plan, the final plan may be given conditional approval. The plan and design requirements for conditional approval are the same as for final approval.  Upon completion of the required improvements, the conditional plan may proceed to final plan approval. Upon receiving conditional approval, one sample home may be constructed, if a building permit has been issued by the city.
   (F)   The information and plans to be filed with the final application shall include those items listed under §§ 154.080 through 154.082, and the submission shall be prepared in accordance with §§ 154.080 through 154.082 and in the number of copies specified therein.
   (G)   Assurances of completion, where required, shall be submitted in accordance with §§ 154.055 and 154.056.
(Ord. 1286, passed 6-7-1982)