(A)   After receipt of all required data, the Commission and/or staff will discuss the preliminary plan with the developer or his or her agent and will request the developer to obtain a report from the County Department of Health if on-site sewage disposal and/or on-site individual water supply are planned.  In cases where the subdivision fronts on an existing or proposed state highway or has proposed streets entering on such highways, the Commission and/or city may submit the plans to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for review.
   (B)   The Commission will then review the plan to determine if it meets the standards as set forth in these regulations.
   (C)   The Commission and City Council shall review the preliminary plan for approval to determine its conformity to the design standards and requirements contained in these regulations.  Within five calendar days after this review, the Commission shall notify, in writing, the developer or his or her agent, the action taken specifying what changes or additions, if any, will be required prior to review of the final plan.
   (D)   Any modification of the preliminary plan required as prerequisites to approval shall be noted on four copies of the preliminary plan.  One copy will be returned to the developer, one will be retained by the Commission and one will be retained by City Council and the fourth will be filed with the County  Metropolitan Planning Department.
   (E)   Approval of the preliminary plan shall constitute approval of the subdivision as to the character and intensity of development, the arrangement and approximate dimensions of streets, lots, and other planned features, but shall not authorize the sale of lots.
   (F)   The city may issue a building permit for the construction of one sample home upon approval of the preliminary plan, but is not required to issue such a permit.
(Ord. 1286, passed 6-7-1982)