§ 154.001  PURPOSE.
   The purpose of these subdivision regulations is to provide for the harmonious development of the city by:
   (A)   Assisting in the orderly and efficient integration of the many residential subdivisions and related community facilities;
   (B)   Ensuring conformance of subdivision plans with the public improvement plans of the city;
   (C)   Ensuring coordination of inter-municipal public improvement plans and programs;
   (D)   Securing the protection of soil, water and related natural resources;
   (E)   Facilitating the rational movement of traffic;
   (F)   Securing equitable handling of all subdivision plans by providing uniform standards and procedures, thus, providing suitable and safe sites for building purposes and human habitation;
   (G)   Ensuring conformance to acceptable standards for the construction of streets and other public improvements;
   (H)   Providing for proper compliance with state statutes as they relate to the subdivision and development of land; and
   (I)   Protecting the general public’s interest.
(Ord. 1286, passed 6-7-1982)