(A)   The City Administrator within the City Engineer’s office is hereby appointed to administer and enforce this chapter and is referred to herein as the Floodplain Administrator. The Floodplain Administrator may:
      (1)   Fulfill the duties and responsibilities set forth in these regulations;
      (2)   Delegate duties and responsibilities set forth in these regulations to qualified technical personnel, plan examiners, inspectors and other employees; or
      (3)   Enter into a written agreement or written contract with another agency or private sector entity to administer specific provisions of these regulations. Administration of any part of these regulations by another entity shall not relieve the community of its responsibilities pursuant to the participation requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program as set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations at 44 C.F.R. § 59.22.
   (B)   In the absence of a designated Floodplain Administrator, the Floodplain Administrator duties are to be fulfilled by the Chief Executive Officer.
(Ord. 1534, passed 3-3-2014)