Publisher's Note:This Chapter has been AMENDED by new legislation (R-20-27, adopted 12-7-2020). The text of the amendment will be incorporated below when the ordinance is codified.
General Provisions
   33.001   Nonviolent civil rights demonstrations
   33.002   Procedures for compliance with the professional services contract provisions
   33.003   Municipal Drug Task Force
   33.004   Northwest Pennsylvania Tri-County Council of Governments
   33.005   Northwest Pennsylvania Rail Authority
   33.006   Grievance procedure for discrimination
   33.007   Parks and recreation
   33.008   No trespassing signs
   33.009   Destruction of meeting tapes and digital recordings
Plans and Programs
   33.020   County Emergency Operations Plan
   33.021   Section 3 Plan
   33.022   Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise Plan
   33.023   Hazard Mitigation Plan
   33.024   Emergency Operations Plan
   33.025   Wasteload Management Plan
   33.026   Solid Waste Management Plan
   33.027   First Ward Rehab Program
   33.028   Rodent Control Program
   33.029   Community Development Block Grant Program
Cash Handling Procedures
   33.065   Purpose
   33.066   Required procedures
   33.067   Application
   33.068   Procedure
   33.069   Cash received in person
   33.070   Accepting payments
   33.071   Balancing of cash receipts
   33.072   Preparation of deposits
   33.073   Reconciliation of cash collected
   33.074   Pre-numbered receipts
   33.075   Record retention
   33.999   Penalty