(A)   The applicant shall meet requirements as contained in 25 Pa. Code, Chapters 92a and 102 as required and applicable as follows:
      (1)   The implementation and maintenance of erosion and sediment control BMPs;
      (2)   Development of written plans;
      (3)   Submission of plans for approval;
      (4)   Obtaining erosion and sediment control and NPDES permits; and
      (5)   Maintaining plans and permits on site.
   (B)   Evidence of any necessary plan or permit approval for earth disturbance activities from PADEP or the County Conservation District must be provided to Wayne Township.
   (C)   A copy of the approved Erosion and Sediment Control Plan and any other permit, as required by PADEP or the County Conservation District, shall be available at the project site at all times if required under Chapter 102.
   (D)   Construction of temporary roadways (e.g., for utility construction, timber harvesting and the like) shall comply with all applicable standards for erosion and sedimentation control and stream crossing regulations under 25 Pa. Code, Chapters 102 and 105. The Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan shall be submitted to the County Conservation District for approval and shall address the following, as applicable:
      (1)   Design of the roadway system, including haul roads, skid roads, landing areas, trails and storage and staging areas;
      (2)   Runoff control structures (e.g., diversions, culverts, detention ponds and the like);
      (3)   Stream crossings for both perennial and intermittent streams;
      (4)   Access to public roadways, including design of rock construction entrance for mud and debris control; and
      (5)   A remediation plan for restoring the disturbed area through re-grading, topsoil placement, reseeding and other stabilization techniques, as required.
   (E)   Additional erosion and sedimentation control design standards and criteria that must be applied where infiltration BMPs are proposed include the following.
      (1)   Areas proposed for infiltration BMPs shall be protected from sedimentation and compaction during the construction phase, as to maintain their maximum infiltration capacity.
      (2)   Infiltration BMPs shall be protected from receiving sediment-laden runoff.
      (3)   The source of protection for infiltration BMPs shall be identified (i.e., orange construction fence surrounding the perimeter of the BMP).
(Ord. 1508, passed 12-20-2010)