§ 152.003  PURPOSE.
   The purpose of this chapter is to promote health, safety and welfare within the city, by minimizing the harms and maximizing the benefits described in § 152.002 through provisions intended to:
   (A)   Meet legal water quality requirements under state law, including regulations at 25 Pa. Code Chapter 93 to protect, maintain, reclaim and restore the existing and designated uses of the waters of the state;
   (B)   Manage accelerated runoff and erosion and sedimentation problems close to their source, by regulating activities that cause these problems;
   (C)   Preserve the natural drainage systems as much as possible;
   (D)   Maintain groundwater recharge, to prevent degradation of surface and groundwater quality, and to otherwise protect water resources;
   (E)   Maintain existing flows and quality of streams and watercourses;
   (F)   Preserve and restore the flood-carrying capacity of streams and prevent scour and erosion of stream banks and streambeds;
   (G)   Manage stormwater impacts close to the runoff source, with a minimum of structures and a maximum use of natural processes;
   (H)   Provide procedures, performance standards and design criteria for stormwater planning and management;
   (I)   Provide proper operations and maintenance of all stormwater management facilities and best management practices (BMPs) that are constructed and implemented; and
   (J)   Provide standards to meet the NPDES permit requirements.
(Ord. 1508, passed 12-20-2010)