(A)   Actions to enforce the UCC and/or this subchapter and actions to enjoin unlawful construction or activities or compel action to remedy violations brought in the District Justice Court or Court of Common Pleas be instituted and prosecuted in the name of the city. The Building Code Official retained by the city under contract shall assist in prosecution of such actions, including, but not limited to, providing testimonial and documentary evidence. If the city is required to commence an action for enforcement of this subchapter or for other relief in equity or at law as a consequence of a violation, the city’s Zoning Administrator and Solicitor are authorized to prosecute said actions, and the city, in addition to fines for violation and other relief, shall be entitled to recover from the violator all costs and all attorney’s fees incurred in the proceeding. The city’s remedies shall be deemed to be cumulative. Election of one remedy shall not foreclose any alternative remedy.
   (B)   This section is not intended to modify provisions of the administrative regulations at 34 Pa. Code §§ 401.1 and 403.81 through 403.84, pertaining to authority of the Building Code Official.
(Ord. 1450, passed 6-21-2004)