(A)   All fees and deposits imposed or required by resolution adopted by City Council and/or under contract with the firm(s) retained by the city to perform services required by the UCC and this subchapter shall be payable in full to the proper entity by the date(s) set forth in such resolution(s) and contract.
   (B)   No application for a permit, certificate or other service to be provided by the city shall be accepted unless all fees and deposits required therefor are paid with the application or other request.
   (C)   No application for UCC construction permit or construction plan approval shall be accepted or referred to the retained firm(s) unless all fees and deposits required therefor are paid with such application.
   (D)   If an initial deposit fund has been or soon will be exhausted, the City Zoning Administrator or the retained firm(s), as the case may be, shall have authority to require that the applicant pay one or more additional deposits toward fees for additional services.
   (E)   If a fee or deposit due under this subchapter, resolution of City Council or contract with retained firm(s) is not paid in full by the date required therefor, the city or the retained firm, as the case may be, shall not perform any inspection, review or other service and shall not issue any permit, report or certificate until such time as the required fee or deposit has been paid in full.
(Ord. 1450, passed 6-21-2004)