§ 151.22  DEPOSITS.
   (A)   City Council, by resolution, is authorized to require payment by applicants of deposits to be applied to payment of fees as incurred by the city and/or the firm(s) retained by the city for performance of services required by the UCC and this subchapter. Deposit payments in excess of final fees shall be refunded to the payor upon issuance of the final certificate required by the retained firm(s) or the city, as is applicable.
   (B)   Deposits payable to the city shall be held by the Treasurer in an interest-bearing account restricted to use for payment of fees imposed for services provided by the city. Interest on such funds shall be retained by the city.
   (C)   Deposits payable to the firm(s) retained by the city for performance of duties under the UCC shall be payable to said firm(s) and shall be retained by said firm(s) for that specific purpose. Said firm(s) shall be obligated to account to the payor for disposition of said sums. No application for UCC construction permit shall be accepted unless accompanied by the required deposit.
(Ord. 1450, passed 6-21-2004)