(A)   No excavation shall be made within the right-of-way of any public street of the city, unless the excavator has first obtained a permit at the City Engineer’s office, and has deposited bond in the amount of $5,000.
   (B)   A fee as established by resolution shall be paid to the city for each permit obtained to excavate in the streets. In the event that the excavation is not made, the fee will be returned to the applicant.
   (C)   In the case that permission is requested to excavate within the paved area of a street that has been constructed, repaved or resurfaced within the past three years, the fee to obtain a permit shall be as established by resolution.
   (D)   No excavator shall be released from his or her bond until the excavation has been completely restored, and until such restoration has been approved by the City Engineer or other city officials.
   (E)   No excavation shall be begun unless the excavator has first checked with the city and with utility companies regarding the location of sewers, water lines, gas lines and the like, and no permit shall be granted unless the excavator is willing to sign a statement that he or she has done so. The excavator shall be solely responsible for damage to any sewers, water lines, gas lines and the like, or other property, public or private. Street curbs are specifically included. Monuments of concrete, iron, brass or other lasting material set for the purpose of locating or preserving the lines of any street or property subdivision, or a precise survey reference point or a permanent survey bench mark within the city, shall not be removed or disturbed unless permission to do so is first obtained in writing from the City Engineer. Permission shall be granted only upon condition that the excavator shall pay all expenses incident to the proper replacement of the monument.
   (F)   The City Council may, from time to time, permit utility companies to file a blanket bond covering all excavations rather than requiring an individual bond from each utility for each particular excavation.
(Ord. 1019, passed 9-14-1964; Ord. 1261, passed 8-18-1980)