(A)   All property in the city and abutting on the streets of the city is hereby divided into lots of 20 feet frontage for numbering purposes. Each lot is to be given one number as hereinafter provided. There shall be made a map of each ward showing the streets of the said wards with the number, lots and their numbers. The said maps to be made on a scale of 200 feet to one inch. The maps are to be placed on file in the Office of the City Engineer. The lots are to be numbered in the following manner:
      (1)   All lots on streets running east and west shall begin at Center Street and number each lot east and west therefrom;
      (2)   Beginning with number one on the north side of each street and the alternate numbers directly opposite on the south side of the street and continuing in like manner to the next street;
      (3)   Then beginning with number 100 and so on, by beginning the numbers in each block with an even hundred; and
      (4)   On like manner, all number lots on all streets running north and south shall be numbered by beginning at the center line of the main track of the Erie Railroad land and number from there north and south in the same manner or system as above specified, except that number one and all odd numbers shall be on the west side of the streets and all even numbers shall be on the east side of said streets.
   (B)   The owners of all commercial, residential, industrial and public buildings located on any street in the city shall within 60 days after the adoption of this section, place or cause to be placed the designated number prominently on or near the front door or doors of each store, house, dwelling unit or other building fronting on the street.
   (C)   The designated number as assigned by the City Engineer shall be visible from the street; shall be a minimum of three inches in height and of a width proportionate to the height; and shall be placed on a contrasting background.
   (C)   The designated number shall be displayed in numerical characters. Alpha characters shall not be permitted as a substitute to numeric characters in the primary number display required by this section.
   (D)   If the door is not easily visible from the street, the number shall also be displayed on a post, fence or similar structure at or near the driveway entrance.
   (E)   In the case of multiple units in a structure, the designation of each individual occupancy shall be displayed on all doors exiting that unit.
(Ord. 134, passed 1-21-1901; Ord. 1361, passed 8-3-1992)  Penalty, see § 150.99