(A)   From and after the passage of this section, all improved sidewalks shall be on the grade as established by the City Engineer.
   (B)   From and after the passage of this section, all sidewalks within the limits of the city shall be of concrete excepting only that in sparsely settled areas where the foot traffic does not, in the opinion of the City Council, require the use of concrete, the City Council may, on request of the property owner, permit walks of a different material.
   (C)   All material used in the repair of existing sidewalks shall be the same material as used in the original construction of such sidewalk, provided, however, that a material which is more durable than the material in the original sidewalk may be used for such repairs.
   (D)   Minor repairs to brick sidewalks may be made with the use of brick. Major repairs of such sidewalks, however, shall be of a material that would be permitted under the other provisions of this section, excepting only that the City Council may, at the request of the property owner, permit the use of brick in a major repair of a brick sidewalk.
   (E)   Any person constructing a sidewalk or re-laying a sidewalk or making major repairs thereto shall first secure a permit from the City Engineer’s office for such work.
   (F)   In the event that any person constructs or repairs a sidewalk contrary to the provisions of this section, the City Council may serve notice on such individual to re-lay the walk or to redo the repairs in a manner which meets the requirements of the provisions of this section within such period of time as Council may direct. On default of such action on the part of the property owner, the City Council may then order the work done and assess the cost of the work against the property owner in the same manner and to the same effect as original sidewalk liens may be assessed against the property.
(Ord. 973, passed 8-7-1961)