(A)   Wherever in this section the word APPLICANT is used, the same shall refer to the owner of the premises or contractor doing work for the owner or tenant of the premises, or occupant of the premises by whom the work is being done or for whom the work is being done.
   (B)   Before any work is done in connection with the construction, excavation, erection of signs and tree trimming or removal, and painting or repair work within the street limits or within five feet of the street limits, the applicant shall secure a permit from the city.
   (C)   No such permit shall be issued until the applicant furnishes a liability insurance policy as set forth in this section.
   (D)   In the case of excavation, construction work, tree trimming or removal and painting or repairs, the applicant shall indemnify the city against all claims for restoration of property to its former condition prior to said work.
   (E)   The City Council, or any officer or employee of the city designated thereby for that purpose, is hereby authorized to give notice, by personal service or certified mail, to the applicant of premises worked on for failure to restore the premises to its former condition for any condition remaining in violation of the provisions of this section, directing and requiring said applicant to conform to the requirements of this section. In the event the applicant refuses or fails to comply within five days after receipt of said notice, the city authorities may restore the premises to its former or prior condition, subject nevertheless to proper changes or alterations which occurred to the premises for which the permit was issued. Any costs incurred by the city for work performed as aforesaid, together with a penalty of 10% of the costs thereof, shall be collected by the city from such applicant in the manner provided by law.
   (F)   Applicant shall save and hold harmless the city and shall pay and discharge all lawful claims for injury to persons and property caused by the negligence of the owner, applicant, employees or agents of owner or applicant or of any independent contractor hired by same, and shall provide proof of liability insurance with limits of $100,000 and $300,000, approved by the city.
(Ord. 1294, passed 8-15-1983)