General Provisions
   150.01   Construction, erection of signs and the like near streets
   150.02   Sidewalk repair
   150.03   Fee for failing to secure a permit
   150.04   Uniform numbering of buildings and lots
Regulations for Airport Facilities
   150.15   Definitions
   150.16   Hangar area and lots
   150.17   Lease of land for permanent hangars
   150.18   Improvements
   150.19   Application, permits, construction and maintenance
   150.20   Construction materials
   150.21   Portable hangars
   150.22   Liability
Street Excavations
   150.35   Applications
   150.36   Evacuation methods
   150.37   Replacement of base
   150.38   Replacement of pavement
   150.39   Winter excavations
   150.40   Wet excavations
   150.41   Responsibility
   150.42   Enforcement
Housing Code
   150.55   Definitions
   150.56   Inspections
   150.57   Enforcement; service of notice; hearings
   150.58   Demolition of substandard dwelling units
   150.59   Adoption of rules and regulation by the Housing Officer
   150.60   Minimum standards for basic equipment and facilities
   150.61   Minimum standards for light, ventilation and heating
   150.62   General requirements relating to maintenance
   150.63   Minimum space, use and location requirements
   150.64   Responsibility of owners and occupants
   150.65   Rooming houses
   150.66   Designation of unfit dwellings and legal procedure of condemnation
   150.67   Conflict of ordinances
   150.99   Penalty