§ 93.27  FINANCE.
   (A)   A city tree program shall consider that whenever a bond issue is passed or appropriation made for the purpose of replacing and/or widening of any city street, that there be included within such bond issue or appropriation sufficient funds for the use of the Tree Committee to replace any trees destroyed or damaged in the course of such improvement and to plant more trees within the improved area.
   (B)   City Council may allocate funds to the Tree Committee and may authorize the use of public works employees and equipment, from time to time, to assist in tree activities.
   (C)   The Tree Committee is authorized to receive contributions from private agencies, organizations and individuals, in addition to any funds that may be appropriated for its use by City Council.
   (D)   A presently established account known as the City of Corry Tree Fund shall be utilized for the deposits of all Tree Committee revenues.
   (E)   All funds raised by the Tree Committee shall be used for promoting the objectives of the Tree Committee.
(Ord. 1451, passed 10-18-2004)