(A)   All dogs running at large in the city, whether or not such dogs have licenses as required by the state, shall be captured by such persons as may be from time to time designated by the Mayor.
   (B)   All dogs captured shall be turned over to the dog pound operator and confined in a suitable place and cared for in a proper and humane manner by said dog pound operator. The City Council reserves complete right to make rules and regulations relative to the treatment of dogs so confined and to the place of confinement in order that the confined dogs shall be treated in a humane manner at all times and in a manner that is not offensive to the persons in the neighborhood of the place of confinement.
   (C)   Immediately after capture of any dog bearing license or other identification, the dog pound operator shall cause notice, either in person or by registered mail, to be given to the person in whose name the dog is licensed, or to his or her agent, notifying such person to claim the dog within ten days from the date of such notice during which period the dog shall be confined and cared for by the dog pound operator.
   (D)   All dogs without licenses or other identification captured running at large shall be confined in the same manner by the said dog pound operator for a period of at least five days; provided, however, that if the dog appears to be under the age that would require a license then it shall be kept for a ten-day period.
(Ord. 1002, passed 7-1-1963)