(A)   The Mayor may from time to time install parking meters at such locations as he or she directs, to operate during such time as he or she shall designate and to have such parking limits as he or she designates.
   (B)   It shall be a violation of this section for any person to leave his or her car parked or standing at a parking meter within the hours designated by the Mayor if the parking meter flag registers a violation.
   (C)   In parallel parking spaces, any vehicle parked in a metered zone shall be parked with either its front or rear end within 18 inches of a line extending out from the parking meter and perpendicular to the curb depending upon the location of the parking meter for that parking space, and in either event shall be parked within the lines marked on the street for such parking spaces.
(Ord. 929, passed 2-2-1959; Ord. 1033, passed 2-1-1965)  Penalty, see § 73.99