(A)   The City Council may from time to time designate, either by motion or resolution, streets within the city which streets shall be limited in use to vehicles not exceeding five tons’ gross weight under the provisions of this division (A).
   (B)   After any such resolution or motion has been adopted or passed by the City Council, the necessary officials of this city shall post such streets with such signs as may be required by law indicating to the public the weight limit applicable to such streets.
   (C)   The term FIVE TONS’ GROSS WEIGHT shall be construed to be the total weight of the vehicle, operator, passengers and load.
   (D)   This division (A) shall not apply to vehicles which travel upon any restricted streets only for the purpose of making a delivery or a pick-up from a residence or place of business located on such restricted street, provided, however, that in making such delivery or pick-up such vehicle shall travel on the restricted street the minimum practical distance.
(Ord. 952, passed 10-3-1960)  Penalty, see § 73.99