(A)   No person shall furnish sewage service to others, except in temporary emergencies.
   (B)   Should any person or persons move into any premises supplied with water from the city mains, without making a written application in the manner provided therefor, and uses water, then such person or persons shall become responsible for all sewer service from the date of the last reading previous to their occupying such premises. Failure to pay the same shall be cause for disconnecting such service, until the amount due is paid.
   (C)   Where any customer is liable to the city for water or sewer service furnished at one place, and is thereafter located using water or sewer service at some other place, the water shall be turned off at the new location until all valid sewer service accounts past due are paid.
   (D)   All meters, curb cocks, piping valves and meter boxes connected with the city mains and service pipes, including those furnished at the expense of the consumers or property owners, shall remain under the direct control of the city, and no person or persons other than those authorized by the city shall connect or disconnect, bypass, remove seals from, move or otherwise tamper with any such meter or turn on or off the water at the curb cock, valve or meter, or to open, move or tamper with any meter box, or open any meter box in any way.
   (E)   No person shall make use of city sewers except in accordance with the terms and conditions of this chapter.
   (F)   Whenever water shall be used on any metered premises for fire protection or firefighting, in an actual case of fire or conflagration, no charge shall be made for the use of sewers as determined by such water consumption, and the amount of water so used shall be ascertained by comparison with the average use of water during a corresponding billing period, as shown by the meter.
   (G)   (1)   Whoever intentionally, by any means or device, prevents water from passing through any meter belonging to the city, or used in connection with the supply of water or measurement of sewage or water flows for any user by the city, to register the flow passing through such meter, or intentionally prevents a meter from duly registering the flow or in any way interferes with its proper action or just registration, or without the consent in writing of the city intentionally diverts any water from any pipe or pipes of the city or otherwise intentionally uses, or causes to be used, without the consent of the city, any water produced or distributed by the city, or any person who retains possession of or refuses to deliver any meter or other appliance loaned to him or her by the city for the purpose of furnishing water or measuring sewage or water flow shall for every offense suffer a penalty as hereinafter provided.
      (2)   The presence at any time on or about any such meter or pipe of any device or pipes resulting in the diversion of water or prevention of its free passage and registration by the meter or diverting from the meter as above defined or resulting in the prevention of water from reaching the meter, or preventing the just registration of the meter or meters or the taking of any water except through a meter as above set forth shall constitute prima-facie evidence of knowledge on the part of the person owning or having custody and control of the room, building, place or premises where such device or pipe is of the existence thereof and knowledge of such existence to the person who would be benefitted by the failure of the water to be properly metered, and shall further constitute prima facie evidence of intention on the part of such person or persons to defraud, and shall bring such person prima facie within the scope, meaning and penalties of these regulations.
   (H)   Any use of sewers connected to the sewerage system which is not metered, or otherwise controlled by the city, shall be billed on a basis which is mutually agreed upon by the city and the contracting person prior to such use.
   (I)   If any person or persons discharge sewage into the sewerage system without the provisions of meter, or other approved method of measuring flow, water service to the premises may be discontinued and/or the sewer connection may be blocked to prohibit use after five days’ written notice.
(Ord. 1225, passed 3-21-1977)  Penalty, see § 52.999