The following methods of measurement shall be used for the computation of the volume of water upon which the sewage charge shall be based.
   (A)   Metered sewer users supplied with water by the city. The sewer rental or charge for any premises shall be computed monthly according to the water meter readings as used by the city for billing water service to said premises.
   (B)   Sewer users supplied with water which originates, all or in part, from sources other than the city water mains. The sewer rental or charge shall be computed monthly according to the total water used, including both water from city mains and from other sources. The city shall furnish, install and maintain, at city expense, a meter or meters to measure the flow of such water from other sources at a point near the source or entrance into the premises. The user shall allow the installation and maintenance of such meter or meters, including necessary piping, and shall afford normal and reasonable protection to such equipment.
   (C)   Sewer users for which water used is excluded from the sewer system. In the event it is established to the satisfaction of the city that a portion of the water used in or on any property, served by the public sanitary sewerage system, does not and cannot enter the system, the city may require or permit the installation of additional meters in such manner as to determine either the quantity of water excluded from the public sewerage system or the quantity of water actually entering the public sewerage system, exclusive of stormwater runoff. The sewer charge shall be based upon the quantity of water estimated, measured or computed by the city to be actually entering the public sewerage system, exclusive of stormwater runoff. The cost of furnishing, installing and maintaining any meters other than those utilized to measure water purchased from the Water Department shall be borne by the sewer user. The type, size, location, piping, arrangement and maintenance of such meters shall be subject to the approval of the city, and shall be installed by the city if the city so elects.
(Ord. 1225, passed 3-21-1977)