§ 52.038  LOCAL LIMITS.
   The city may establish by ordinance, resolution, individual wastewater discharge permits or otherwise, and review from time to time, local limits regulating the discharge of specific pollutants by users, which local limits may be more stringent than those set forth in §§ 52.035 through 52.037 above.
   (A)   Local limits may be established for any substance which is discharged or is likely to be discharged to the POTW sewer system.
   (B)   Local limits may limit concentration, mass or a combination of the two.
   (C)   Local limits may be established as deemed necessary by the POTW to prevent interference, pass through, sludge contamination, violations of the city’s NPDES permit or otherwise to protect the POTW, human health and the environment.
   (D)   Local limits may be included in individual wastewater discharge permits or otherwise applied to users as deemed appropriate by the city.
   (E)   Any discharge by a user of any pollutant in excess of any applicable local limit constitutes a violation of this chapter.
(Ord. 1433, passed 7-1-2002)