(A)   Whenever a property upon which a sewer rental or use charge is imposed by the city uses water from the city’s water supply system such that the water so used is not discharged into the POTW, the quantity of water so used and not discharged into the city’s sewers shall be measured by a metering or measuring device approved by the city and installed without cost to the city.
   (B)   Where in the opinion of the city it is not practical to install a metering or measuring device to continuously determine the quantity of water not discharged into the POTW, the city shall determine periodically, in such manner and by such method as it may prescribe, the percentage of water from the city water supply system discharged into the POTW from such property, and the quantity of water used to determine the sewerage rental or use charge shall be the percentage of city water so used by such property.
   (C)   When requested in writing, persons complying with the terms of this section will be granted a suitable reduction in their sewage bills. Such reduction shall be calculated on that portion of the sewage consumption diverted and excluded from the POTW.
   (D)   Persons requesting consideration for a reduction in their sewage bills because of water excluded from the POTW shall make written application to the city for such consideration giving their name, address and supporting data fully describing other sources of incoming water, if any, as well as the specific disposition of all water alleged not to be entering the POTW. The application shall be accompanied by a scale drawing showing the plan of the property, water distribution system, sewer layout, existing meters and proposed meters in the drawing proposed for determining the quantity of water entering, and not entering, the POTW.
(Ord. 1433, passed 7-1-2002)