General Provisions
   52.001   Purpose and policy
   52.002   Administration
   52.003   Abbreviations
   52.004   Definitions
Sanitary Sewerage System
   52.015   Connection to POTW required; privies and the like prohibited
   52.016   Stormwater runoff prohibited in sanitary sewers
   52.017   Discharge of unpolluted water; cost reduction
   52.018   Garbage prohibited in system; exception
   52.019   Manholes for sampling industrial wastes
   52.020   No rate reduction for low-strength wastes
   52.021   Determination of amount of sewage discharged; reduction in sewage bills
   52.022   Regulation by city
General Sewer Use Requirements
   52.035   Prohibited discharge standards
   52.036   National categorical pretreatment standards
   52.037   State pretreatment standards
   52.038   Local limits
   52.039   City’s right of revision
   52.040   Dilution
   52.041   Special agreements and waivers
   52.042   Pretreatment facilities
   52.043   Additional pretreatment measures
   52.044   Accidental discharge/slug control plans
   52.045   Hauled wastewater
Wastewater Discharge Permits
   52.060   Wastewater analysis
   52.061   Wastewater discharge permit requirement
   52.062   Wastewater discharge permitting: existing connections
   52.063   Wastewater discharge permitting: new connections
   52.064   Wastewater discharge permit application contents
   52.065   Application signatories and certification
   52.066   Wastewater discharge permit decisions
   52.067   Wastewater discharge permit duration
   52.068   Wastewater discharge permit contents
   52.069   Wastewater discharge permit appeals
   52.070   Wastewater discharge permit modification
   52.071   Wastewater discharge permit transfer
   52.072   Wastewater discharge permit revocation
   52.073   Wastewater discharge permit reissuance
Reporting Requirements
   52.085   Baseline monitoring reports
   52.086   Compliance schedule progress reports
   52.087   Reports on compliance with categorical pretreatment standard deadline
   52.088   Periodic compliance reports
   52.089   Reports of charged conditions
   52.090   Reports of potential problems
   52.091   Reports from unpermitted users
   52.092   Notice of violation/repeat sampling and reporting
   52.093   Notification of the discharge of hazardous waste
   52.094   Analytical requirements
   52.095   Sample collection
   52.096   Timing
   52.097   Record keeping
   52.110   Right of entry; inspection and sampling
   52.111   Search warrants
   52.112   Confidential information
   52.113   Administrative enforcement remedies
   52.114   Judicial enforcement remedies
   52.115   Supplemental enforcement action
   52.116   Affirmative defenses to discharge violations
   52.117   Pretreatment charges and fees
Sewer Use Charges
   52.130   Sewer use charge imposed
   52.131   Sewer rates; rate changes
   52.132   Payment schedule; late penalty
   52.133   Properties using other than city water
   52.134   Sewer fund
Sewer and Utility Connections
   52.145   Sewer connection; permit required
   52.146   Application to city
   52.147   Sewer permit fees
   52.148   City may order connections
   52.149   Streets to be restored to former condition
   52.150   Continuing to discharge runoff
Sewer Rates
   52.165   Title
   52.166   Definitions
   52.167   Rental or charge on all users
   52.168   Use of funds
   52.169   Charges, users within the city
   52.170   Charges, users outside the city
   52.171   Basis of determining water use
   52.172   Computation of water use
   52.173   Metering of sewers
   52.174   More than one water meter
   52.175   Meters serving more than one household or establishment
   52.176   Meters serving both inside and outside of the city
   52.177   Application for service
   52.178   Deposit
   52.179   Billing
   52.180   Furnishing and installing meters
   52.181   Access to premises
   52.182   Other contracts
   52.183   Discontinued water service
   52.184   Miscellaneous provisions
Wastewater Treatment Plant
   52.195   Rates for dumping at treatment plant
   52.999   Penalty
   Appendix A: Civil penalty assessment policy
Editor’s Note:
   See also city’s fee schedule