(A)   Bills for all charges made in accordance with this chapter and are due and payable on the fifteenth day of each month for water consumed, work done, or services rendered during the preceding bill cycle. If the bill for water furnished is not paid by the fifteenth day of the month a penalty of 10% will be added, with a minimum penalty of $0.10 for any one bill. If the fifteenth day of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, bills may be paid without penalty on the next business day.
   (B)   Bills for service to the federal government, state or local governments, or their departments and institutions shall be payable without penalty within 30 days of the date rendered.
   (C)   If any bill is not paid prior to the date of adding penalty, service may be discontinued after five days’ written notice.
   (D)   (1)   The city may, at its option, in cases deemed hardships, enter into an agreement of time payments, for a period not to exceed one year, for installation or repair charges on the following:
         (a)   New service or renewal of service for owner of single-family or owner-occupied multi-family dwellings; or
         (b)   Damage to city owned property.
      (2)   All such time payments shall bear interest in the amount of 6%, not compounded, on the unpaid balance, until paid.
   (E)   All meters shall be read at least quarterly, and bills shall be rendered as stated above. If the meter reader is unable to procure a monthly reading of the meter, because ingress to the meter is obstructed in any manner, or entrance to the premises is made precarious by a vicious dog, or for any other reason, an estimate shall be made of the amount of water consumed, and the billing shall be based on the estimate.
   (F)   In addition to the foregoing remedy and such other remedies as are provided by law for the collection of delinquent water rents, it shall be lawful for the proper officers of the city to file a lien or liens against the property for any and all delinquent accounts, in the same manner provided by law in the case of unpaid city taxes on real estate and to proceed to collect the same.
(Ord. 1179, passed 2-5-1973; Ord. 1565, passed 12-19-2016; Ord. 1587, passed 12-17-2018; Ord. 1599 , 12-2-2019; Ord. 1606, passed 12-7-2020)