(A)   Service may be discontinued for any of the following reasons:
      (1)   For misrepresentation in application as to property or fixtures to be supplied or the use to be made of the water supply;
      (2)   For the use of water for any other property or purpose other than that described in the application, or for failure to make application for service;
      (3)   For neglecting or refusing entry of an employee of the city, after proper notice, to any building or premises by an occupant, owner or tenant, where the purpose of such entry is for inspection, installation, repair or replacement of a meter, lines or other water system equipment;
      (4)   For willful waste of water through improper or imperfect pipes, fixtures, meters or otherwise;
      (5)   For failure to protect and maintain in good order the meter connections, lines or fixtures;
      (6)   For nonpayment of any bill for more than 15 days after the same is rendered;
      (7)   For molesting any service pipe, meter curb stop-cock, seal or any other appliance of the city controlling or regulating the water supply;
      (8)   In case of vacancy of premises;
      (9)   For connection of a private water system to the city water system; or
      (10)   For violation of any rule or regulation herein contained.
   (B)   The city may order the water shut off from any premises connected with the city mains for repairs, extensions or other necessary purposes.
   (C)   All water rates and charges for water service to premises shall accrue and be charged against such applicant until such time as written notice, given by such applicant or by his or her duly authorized agent, to discontinue the service is filed with the city.
   (D)   It shall be the duty of the owners or agents to which water is furnished by the city to cooperate with the city by promptly giving notice when such property becomes vacant. If such notice is not given, the owners or agents of the property shall be liable for all water charges against such property until such notice is given or a new application is filed.
   (E)   The city reserves the right to shut off the water in its mains at any time without notice for making repairs, extensions or alterations, but will so far as practicable, notify consumers of the intention to shut off. It is expressly stipulated by the city that no claim shall be made against it by reason of the breaking of any pipe or for any other interruption of the supply of water. No person shall be entitled to any damages or to have any option of payment refunded for any stoppage for purpose of additions or repairs, which, in the opinion of the city, may be deemed necessary, or for causes beyond its control.
   (F)   In case of scarcity of water, whenever in its judgment the public welfare may require it, the city shall have the right to reserve a sufficient supply of water at all times in its reservoirs to provide for fire and other emergencies or may restrict or regulate the quantity of water used by consumers.
   (G)   (1)   A turn-on charge shall be paid where water has been turned off for any violation of the terms of the application or rules of the city or for any other reason stated under this section. The fee for such turn-on charge shall be fixed by resolution of City Council. In such cases, the water shall not be turned on until all water bills, repair bills and other accounts due to the city shall have been paid, including the turn-on charge.
      (2)   Turn-on fee: flat fee: $50.
(Ord. 1179, passed 2-5-1973; Ord. 1256, passed 5-5-1980)